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Going Outside 

Going Outside is a sing-along style storybook that transports you to an adventure deep in the woods!

Meet new animals, scavenge for hidden objects, and sing along as you turn each page!

Join Jasmine, Amanda, Imelda, and M.J. on a journey of Going Outside. 

About the Author 

Emma is pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and is looking forward to working in the Elementary Music field in the future.


When writing her first book, Emma wanted to include themes that could work well in all classrooms and homes. Teachers can use Going Outside as a cross-curriculum resource to teach about life cycles, habitats, and of course, music! Her music background allowed her to create an easy-to-use system for learning the music, even if the reader is not a musician. 

As a future educator, Emma is also passionate about including music and education in the home. A child's love for music first begins with parent support and immersion. She wants her readers to know that Going Outside is for everyone to use, not just music teachers!


Emma Madsen

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